Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Will Always Love You.


So last night, something crazy happened in my mind...

I was invited to go to a karaoke bar with some friends of mine.

At 11:00 pm last night, after having got ready and dressed up, I attended the karaoke bar just downstairs from my condo building. I met with my friends and had a couple drinks. WE sang some songs, talked, and laughed, meanwhile something was happening in my head.

I have always had a dream of performing music in front of people, and allowing people to see me through music. Last night I had the strong urge to sing a powerful and complex song to sing. Many people find this song difficult to sing, and it is challenging, but I have learned that through challenges comes success and sometimes failure.

Luckily for me, this song proved me success. I chose to sing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. And despite the people's, in charge of song selection, disapproval, I got to sing this song.

I was blessed to have gotten a compliment. I am so happy. Someone decided to film me during my performance and I was able to get the video and share it with you today!

The guy who was in charge of song selection, who, at first was disapproving of my song choice, and had no faith in me, was impressed with my performance. He told me to come and sing again!

Anyways enough of this babbling. Here is my first non-rehearsed, non-edited, non-planned, cover.

xo. Réa

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